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Access your program using Bash

This web server is running a small application that helps show how to access a running program using librta. You can even access the demo app from your computer right now.

Install the Postgresql client using one of the following commands:
Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install postgresql-client
RRM: sudo yum install postgresql

Once the Postgresql client is installed, connect to the running application with the following command:

     psql -h -p 8888

Once connected, try a few of the following simple SQL commands.

     SELECT * FROM mytable;
     UPDATE mytable SET myint=4 LIMIT 5 OFFSET 10;
     SELECT * FROM mytable;
     UPDATE mytable SET notes="Hi Mom!" LIMIT 1 OFFSET 0;
     SELECT name FROM rta_tables;

You may recall that one of the features of librta is a "discovery mechanism". The last command above helps illustrate this. Every librta application has at least two tables: rta_tables and rta_columns. The first has a list of the tables in the application and the second has a list of all of the columns in the application. To better see how this works you might try the following:

     SELECT * FROM rta_tables WHERE name = "mytable";
     SELECT * FROM rta_columns WHERE table = "mytable";

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