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Generic access using a table editor

This web server is running a small application that helps show how to access a running program using librta. You can even access the demo app from your computer using your web browser.

A table editor is a database discovery tool that reads the system tables (rta_tables and rta_colums) in turn to find the name of the tables in the application and how those tables are defined. Using this information the table editor displays a generic view of the tables and gives you a simple way to edit table contents.

A table editor is not a UI of itself. It is an engineering tool that gives low level access to data in librta tables. (Editor's note: we find the table editor indespensible for debugging and you will too. Just be sure to include meaningful descriptions in the help field for you tables and columns. It makes all the difference.)

The table editor that comes with librta is composed of six small PHP scripts. These PHP files are installed on the librta web server so you can use the librta generic table editor to view the tables in the demo application. Click on the link below to give it a try.

Try changing one of the "notes" fields in mytable, but be sure to hit 'back' and 'reload' to see the effect of your changes.


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